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Asymmetric Multiprocessing System (ASP) Version 3.2 is a loosely-coupled multiprocessing extension of OS/360 and OS/VS2 Release 1. ASP provides basic spooling capabilities, similar to HASP. In addition, ASP includes extensive support for for workload management functions, such as processor and device scheduling and dependent job control. ASP was the predecessor of JES3.

The product's original name was Attached Support Processor, hence the ASP acronym.

The base ASP Version 3.2 tape in AWS image format is available from cbttape.org.

I have built a turnkey MVT system with ASP installed. The turnkey system is available for download from ibiblio.org. Unzip the asp.zip file and follow instructions in the README file.

HASP is also installed on the turnkey system.

More documentation on ASP will be posted here as it becomes available.

Home > Hercules > ASP V3.2