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HASP is a product that extends the function of OS/360 and OS/VS2 Release 1 with spooling services. The additional functionality provided by HASP is less than that supplied by ASP, but HASP has the advantage of being much simpler and smaller than ASP. Several versions of HASP were produced between 1967 and 1973. The surviving version is HASP II Version 4 for OS/VS2 Release 1 (SVS).

The meaning of "HASP" is disputed. According to IBM documentation, HASP stands for Houston Automatic Spooling Priority.

HASP Version 4 has been refitted to run on an OS/360 MVT Release 21.8 system. To install HASP on MVT, you need all of the following:

  • The base HASP Version 4 tape in AWS image format from cbttape.org.
  • The HASP Version 4 support tape, in AWS image format, containing fixes, MVT refit modifications, utility programs and support files (updated 2006-10-31; size 239263 bytes).
  • JCL for HASP installation and customization (updated 2008-10-31; size 18985 bytes).

Some other things that may be helpful:

and some HASP manuals at bitsavers.org:

Note that the MVT system must include SMF. If SMF is not installed, any attempt to do I/O to a HASP spooled data set will result in a system 100 abend.

Home > Hercules > HASP V4